How are Mobile Apps Changing the Medical Field

January 10th, 2017 by Aravind Ajith

Most people are familiar with the massive variety of mobile apps out there. From games to task-oriented apps, they seem to go and on. What’s interesting to look at is just how much of an impact mobile apps are having in the medical field. As you work to earn your masters degree in nursing at the University of Cincinnati it may be wise to familiarize yourself with some of these apps and start to understand the impact they are having.

Doctors in the Digital World

Usually in order to see the doctor you need to do just that. You need to make an appointment which can require taking time off work and then go visit the doctor in person. If tests are required, then there are more appointments to make and the follow up visit. Thanks to scheduling issues, all of these appointments can take a while to schedule in.

Thanks to these medical mobile apps, we are starting to see a shift in how patients “visit” the doctor, as some of these visits can now take place through an app. There are a variety of technologies that have been introduced that are allowing some visits that were typically done in person to now take place through the app.

Speed Up the Process

Another way in which these apps are helping the medical field is that they are speeding up the process and making it more streamlined both from the doctor’s and patient’s point of view. These apps are making it possible for doctors to consult with other doctors and professionals in the field from all around the world. It also makes accessing patient records, test results, and data smoother and faster.

All of this means the doctor can respond to patients faster and in a more efficient manner. So, both the patient and the doctor are benefitting.

Patients Can Track Medical Conditions and Issues

For patients that have medical issues and conditions that require tracking and record keeping, apps can be used as well. The patient can input data throughout the day, or however often the doctor has requested, and the apps are able to store, graph, calculate, and even share the information with that patient’s doctor. All of this data plays an important role in the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

Record Keeping and Billing

While it’s not glamorous, a big portion of the medical field takes place behind the scenes and has to do with record keeping and billing. There are more and more apps being created that are meant to help with both of these tasks. For a doctor who runs their own practice, this can alleviate all kinds of issues and problems. Accurate record keeping and timely billing is a key to the practice’s success.

Keeping Up with Technology

While you work through your online nursing curriculum it’s important to keep in mind that technology is changing the medical field at a rapid pace. Staying informed of these changes can help you as you head into your career.