The Design Superhero (TDS) is a design blog deals with posts related to design and web development, run by Aravind Ajith– a UI consultant based in India.

The objective of TDS is to help the design community with something that I can do and to widen my exposure area. And it really did work. Starting this blog was a significant decision I have taken in my life. This blog has brought me a full time job I had been engaged with for last two years, it gave me opportunity to meet other experts in this field and to be friends with, inspired many others to start their blogs and finally it has given me courage to resign my full time job and work independently. I owe a lot to my blog, seriously.

As I was busy with my full time job contracts, I could not keep the blog updated. But now on, I am planning to update TDS more often. TDS also welcomes guest authors. If you would like to contribute an article, please do not hesitate, contact me.You can expect some help in return. 🙂

In two years The Design Superhero has undergone many modifications and redesigns. The current version is 8.1 which is developed using the latest technologies I have learned very recently – HTML5 and CSS3. That’s right, I am now pretty good at it. If you want your new design or an existing website to be converted into HTML5 and CSS3, please contact me.

I am keen to update my blog with new ideas and techniques. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please let me know. I really appreciate that.

Looking for a WordPress Expert? Hire Me! 🙂