30 Cool Twitter T-shirts You Can Actually Buy

September 16th, 2009 by Aravind Ajith

I don’t think this post actually needs an introduction. Everyone loves twitter, everyone loves cool t-shirts. Here I am putting together some of the coolest twitter inspired t-shirt designs you can actually buy online. Enjoy!

Friends don't let friends tweet and drive

history never retweets

props to my tweeps

140 is the new 420

I'm huge on twitter

fail whale

I'm Tweeting this

I'm not a blogger. I just tweet a lot

Drop Tweets not Bombs

will tweet for food

twit you!


if you are tweeting about tweeting, you are tweeting too much

140 character revolution

military tweet

nice to tweet you

nice to tweet you

I'm tweeting this

Social Media Venn Diagram

twitter birds

wearing this shirt

how tweet is to be followed by you


Reduce Reuse Retweet

Fail Whale

default profile image

did you get my tweets

retweet me


twitter overloaded