Best WordPress Tutorials for Beginners to Advanced Users

March 19th, 2012 by Aravind Ajith

If you’re just now learning WordPress, then you have a wonderful adventure ahead of you! The ultimate blogging platform is more than just for blogs – you can now create entire websites with little to no programming knowledge.

But if you really want to harness the power of WordPress, you will want to dive into the hundreds of thousands of readily available plugins and tutorials for modifying and customizing your site. Whether you are an advanced WordPress user or have only just begun, the following collection of video tutorials will get you started from absolute infancy to some of the more complicated modifications you can make to your WordPress site.

Getting Started with WordPress

The first step is the hardest with WordPress as you have to install the software on a web server. This can be an incredibly daunting task if you’re brand new to running a blog or website. But we have just what you need! Once installed, you need to be able to start publishing content fast, so we move to some tutorials for getting your blogs or pages live and accessible fast.

Michael Dorausch: Your first WordPress install

Writing and publishing a post

Adding an “About Me” (or any other static) page

Editing Templates

There are literally hundreds of thousands of WordPress templates, called Themes, and you may be able to find one that may be perfect for you. But more likely you will need to edit the template. This will require a little bit of coding work, but with these tutorials even beginners can start editing their themes right away.

To get started editing your theme, you need to understand how the files are arranged on any WordPress site. So we start off with a great tutorial that goes through the file structure, where to find it, and how to edit. Then we look at adding specific features.

Anatomy of a WordPress Theme – exploring the files behind your theme

Customizing your header image (simple version)

Customizing your header image (advanced version)

Edit WordPress Footer


How to Edit WordPress CSS Style Sheets

Adding Plugins

One of the more powerful features of WordPress includes the ability to quickly add new functionality – from shopping carts to analytics to fancy slideshows. These are implemented in WordPress using plugins, and there are already hundreds of thousands of these available today for free! But using plugins can be a challenge, so check out these videos to get you started. And for those developers looking for some tips, we included a tutorial for developing plugins just for you.

How To Install Plugins

Kelly Dwan: Creating Plugins

WordPress Plugin Development Best Practices

Any great WordPress tutorials out there that we missed?

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