How to Create a Mobile Version of your WordPress Website?

May 6th, 2016 by Aravind Ajith

Things have changed a lot since the inception of the internet. Today the evolution of new devices has persuaded webmasters and businesses to launch mobile friendly websites to reach the masses. According to Morgan Stanley, mobile browser use has outgrown app use and desktop use. Users may spend hours on apps but when they pick up a mobile phone they are most likely to use a browser to look for the desirable information. In fact, more than 38% of Google search results originate from mobile phones today.

While users may like to play games on their phone, or browser Facebook app, they are unlikely to download your mobile application – they are more interested in visiting your site on their smartphones instead. This completely indicates that your site needs to be optimized for smartphones and other internet-enabled devices.

Where it has become extremely important to have a mobile-friendly website, WordPress has proven to be a great platform to get started with building a mobile version of your site. WordPress developers have taken mobile optimization of a website quite seriously and thus made it a lot easier for you to build a site for your audience that they can be accessed on their mobile devices, tablets and notebooks. Thanks to WordPress plugins and themes, building a variety of websites along with their mobile version is as easy as pie.

So, if you are running a WordPress powered website, here is a list of plugins you can use to turn your desktop site into a mobile site.

1. Jetpack


Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that supercharge your site and provide you with many options other than making your site mobile friendly. Jetpack is basically a package with more than 33 specific features integrated. The Jetpack’s Mobile theme allows you to create a simple yet powerful mobile version of your site. The theme shows your content in an untidy and uncluttered manner to your visitors, providing the best possible user experience.

This mobile theme boasts of a pleasing blue color with a beautiful design, though you can use a customized Mobile Theme to make your website’s mobile experience better for your users. The option also gives you the ability to use custom CSS, contact forms, caraousel and so much more.

The plugin also comes with a verification tool called photon to speed up your website and a direct incorporation with your Google+ account.

Additional features:

  • Comes with a high-speed CDN
  • Offers utmost security for your site
  • Performs uptime monitoring and notifies whenever your site goes down
  • Offers spam protection and database backups
  • Comes equipped with sharing tools to help you make your content shareable

2. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

Wordpress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 is a great way to convert your existing site into a cross-browser mobile web application. The plugin enables post-sync, a premade theme with 6 abstract covers, a responsive user interface, and a cross-browser access. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 also enables to tweak the look and feel of your mobile site including fonts and colors.

The plugin has been entirely redeveloped and repurposed to help publishers, bloggers, and other content marketers to go beyond responsiveness. The plugin is compatible with almost every browser available today including Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, Android Native Browser, Google Chrome and Safari, as well as supported on Firefox OS, Windows Phone 8, Android Smartphones, and iPhones.

Additional features:

  • Offers responsive UI and allows your site to fit every screen size and device available out there
  • Comes with a default theme that has 6 abstract covers
  • Offers pages sync, comments sync and posts sync
  • Equipped with Google analytics
  • Has social features

3. WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition is yet another popular plugin that helps you convert your desktop websites to the mobile friendly version for Windows, iOS, and Android users. WP Mobile Edition plugin comes with a mobile switcher, which automatically identifies devices while enabling visitors to switch to whatever version they are comfortable with, i.e. mobile version or a desktop version.

The default mobile theme is super speedy and lightweight and equipped with the full commenting system, smart formatting, and device adaption. In addition, the theme is optimized for search engines as well as mobile advertising.

Additional features:

  • Comes with an easy uploader to allow you to easily upload mobile theme logo
  • Equipped with full comment system – DISQUS or WordPressor
  • Offers a manual switcher
  • Allows you to choose from 8 different color schemes

The final words:

The world is going mobile, it’s high time you take actions to make your online venture accessible from every internet-enabled device.

However, before you put in efforts to go mobile, you might want to see whether your site is mobile-friendly already or not. Google has recently launched a new tool “Mobile Friendly test Tool” to help you find out how mobile-friendly your website is.

The future is all about mobile or responsive designs, and improved user experience and user interface. None of this going to happen if your visitors still have to swipe, zoom, pinch or squint on the mobile screens.

Did we miss something? Have you used any of the plugins we have mentioned in the list? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us and our audience in the comments section below.

Author Bio:

Marie Thomas is a WordPress expert, associated with Wordsuccor Ltd. and has a lot of experience in converting PSD to WordPress. She has delivered an numerous range of quality products related to this. She has a strong passion for writing useful and insights about WordPress tips and tricks.