Know the principles of modern web apps development

June 20th, 2018 by Aravind Ajith

Modern web apps development has changed over the years. Let’s have a look at some of the principles which apply to modern web apps development:

1. Provide user experience

Over the years, the internet world has completely changed. Tools and methodologies have also changed. However, one development principle that has remained same and even becomes more important is that: the user is everything.

However, many times, this principle gets lost in the shuffle. Many times, developers get involved in latest technology. Other times, they are forced to abide by the deadline. But whatever the issues are, it is crucial that you never lose sight of the main objective, which is imparting ultimate experience to the user.

2. Consider tools as your friend

In the current scenario, the modern web developer is master of all trades. The developer completely understands the programming languages, responsive design, JavaScript, web vulnerabilities, responsive design, JavaScript, modern architecture and many more.

In other words, modern web apps development is quickly getting complex. It demands ever-evolving skills. Fortunately, developers now enjoy access to more frameworks and tools which they never have before. These tools not only help them in delivering applications faster, but they help in bridging the skills gap, and thus, helping developers in accomplishing tasks which they otherwise could not be able to do so on their own.

3. Develop for a multi-screen world

From a web development point, mobile has more table-stakes. You can no longer assume that users will access your web applications on a desktop computer only. Nowadays, make sure your modern web apps development must work on all device, across all platforms or screens.

4. Understand the relevance of architecture

Nowadays, the emphasis in development is around the user experience. As a developer, you should also understand the importance of providing easy-to-use applications to your users. Otherwise, you should be ready to face the risks. However, while doing so, don’t forget the crucial part of an application, which is the architecture. While application architecture might not be visible to the users, but the impact that architecture will be on your overall application would be great. For example, architecture impacts the maintenance, security, flexibility and many more. Though, good architecture may take time, it is imperative part of building scalable applications.

5. Separate concerns within your application

Over the last few years, micro-services have quickly arise as the preferred method for software development. It means, the micro-service architectural style is an approach which involves developing a single application as a suite of various small services. The most attribute feature of these services is that each of them runs in its own process.

6. Applications should have speed

Modern applications must be able to handle more data than ever before. If the developer fails to handle this, it can slow down the speed of application, which will drive away users. Optimising the web application is a crucial element of the development process.

There could be more principles that may govern the modern web apps development, which you can find while doing business. So whatever principle that helps in the hassle-free working of modern web apps development, you should stick to them.