Color up your screens! 45 Stunningly Colorful Wallpapers

May 18th, 2009 by Aravind Ajith


I am a great color lover and I bookmark every possible graphic art that inspires me. One of my online hobbies is to bookmark and collect nice wallpapers. Wallpapers are not just for my screens, I use wallpapers to get inspiration for my web design projects as well. Yes, wallpapers are a great source of inspiration and you know what, nice wallpapers make great color pallets.

Here’s some really stunningly colorful wallpapers I have recently bookmarked. Enjoy the post!


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  • Gopal Raju

    Nice List! Guess, I am the first to comment 😉

    Gopal Raju

  • Brian Cray

    Awesome collection here! All of them are very colorful! Rare to see such a well themed roundup collection!

  • brtak

    Nice!!! Thx a lot.

  • cheth

    wow is the word!! good job! 😉

  • Web Design News

    Lovely Collection. wow

    • Aravind Ajith

      Thanks for the comments guys..
      I am really glad you all liked the post.. 🙂

  • Celo

    Awesome backgrounds. I’m always on the lookout for new desktop wallpaper. Thanks!

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  • bitlimakina

    nice collection thx

  • Naga

    Fantastic works..
    Cheers for the artist..
    Great works..
    Keep it up..

    Naga |

  • Ezra Sandoval

    There is some great stuff here. Nice variety too.

  • medya

    i love these all, wonderfl collection

  • Justin Leaf-Wright

    nice collection bro…

    Also love your site. Looks Sweet

  • Design-notes

    lovely wallpapers thanks

  • Blue Blots

    Beautiful.thanks for sharing

  • divinefusion

    These are totally awesome, saved some for inspiration

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  • Danh ba web 2.0

    great wallpaper for me. You can see more great Apple Wallpaper in my blog:

  • Mario Vásquez

    Muy buena coleccion.
    la compartire en mi blog


  • Navdeep

    Beautiful collection… I’d like to get an archive of all the above wallpapers (love all of them and lazy to visit multiple sites for these…)

  • Nora Reed

    Great colors! They really do brighten up your computer screen a ton. I love the design work too, its very beautifully done.

  • saurabh shah

    awesome collection Arvind !

  • Kawsar Ali

    Really loving the color Arvind Good job man

  • ProjectCenter

    The blocks are my favorite.

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  • marga

    Me encantaron! Gracias 🙂

  • Sean Callahan

    Thank you kindly sir. I usually keep it stock black but I feel like I need some color in my life today 🙂

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  • Fazai38

    woot!!… this is a WOW Collections.. Amazing…

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  • Sarthak

    Wonderful collection of wallpapers!

  • site tasarımı

    nice post

  • wow

    wao…these are really gr8 for inspiration!!! i liked the very first one…:)

  • Soumendra Jena

    Dude, those wallpapers are just awesome! I have bookmarked your this page specially. Good to know,our Indian guys are doing good with WordPress. Keep up your good collections. Nice man..

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  • Enk.

    Awesome Awesome List.. lOved them.. really lovely ones !
    And I love your comment form and almost your complete theme..
    Great work and great blog aravind ! 😉

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  • Nuzuan

    What a great picture here…
    GooD Job Bro..

  • Alexander Bickov

    Great and inspirational wallpapers. Thanks!

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  • @ m ra h $

    that was really great dude……!!!
    bright colors bring happiness

  • Rebecca Geiger

    HOLY Muther.. that is incredibly imaginative, creative and unbelievably amazing!

  • dinesh

    Thanks!! They are awesome, can beautify anyone’s desktop.

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  • Alexandros

    Astonishing wallpapers! Great list!!!

  • Tamixes

    Awesome eye candy! thanks for the inspirational boost.



  • PhilippineOutsourcing

    wow.. crazy cool designs.. love it!

  • Philippine Global Outsourcing

    Has anyone seen the movie “Nine”? The Character looks exactly like the one in the Little Big Planet wall paper above! Nice Movie.. the wall paper just caught my attention as I was scrolling through the samples again.. hehe 😉

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  • turisuna

    Wow cool collection of wallpapers, my favorite walpaper is the ‘fly to the sky by awsyak’, it’s between reality and dream 🙂

  • Aravind

    Nice work……

  • jitendra deora

    ver Lovely Collection arivinda

  • Web Design West Lothian

    Great collection of wallpapers Aravind.

    Thanks for sharing and providing some inspiration for the design community.

  • Zine Creative

    super great collection!

  • Abhilash M

    Wow!! Superb collection.
    I liked the first one most.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • regmi

    great dude

  • michel

    Great job guys.

  • Jamil

    I love these colorful wallpapers. extremely beautiful.

  • faith

    i love your work i do alot like that but with colored pencil your work is amazing i love it………

  • William

    great dude


    wow, some really nice ones.

  • Max

    Your wallpapers it´s very nice, I can use? including credits.

  • kissmo

    Nice wallpapers..Thanx

  • WPClubs

    Great collection of wallpapers, thanks for sharing!

  • Ankur

    many of them are beautiful and gives a very cheerful and happy feeling…… nice wrk

  • mobile phone signal booster

    These all wall papers are colorful and amazing. I think if we use it in our OS than it will look so nice.

  • beats headphones

    Great collection of wallpapers Aravind.

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  • Mistie

    Amazing collection of wallpaper designs.. nice work!

  • Bangkok Flights

    I am a great color lover and I bookmark every possible graphic art that inspires me, in this current post i have seen many different layouts which are best for making background color.