Comment and Win: Giving Away 2 Free Licences of Fanurio

May 27th, 2009 by Aravind Ajith


After a while here again a comment-to-win contest in TheDesignSuperhero . This time we are giving away licenses of Fanurio 2.0 to two winners.

Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated by freelancers for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices.

How special is Fanurio?

Take a look at it’s feature list. It has everything you would need to manage your freelance projects.

  • Tracks the time you are spending on each project
  • Generates bills accordingly
  • Creates invoices
  • Analyzes projects and generates overall reports.

Fanurio is a very light weight application built using Java technology which enables it to run on Windows, Mac OS X including Leopard, Linux and other flavors of Unix.

Get in to the contest, right away…

All you have to do is just to leave your comment here. You have time till Wednesday, 3rd June 2009.

Enjoy… 🙂

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35 Responses to “Comment and Win: Giving Away 2 Free Licences of Fanurio”

  1. this looks awesome

  2. I would love this because it is cross platform which means no matter which os people chose to use (or I am on) we can create an invoice.

  3. Looks like a great product. I agree Steve, the cross-platform aspect is a nice bonus.

  4. I would love to have this.

  5. This would help out lots. Please choose me

  6. would love to be able to get this software!

  7. Please enter me. I’d love to have this! @iamPariah

  8. That app might really improve my billing way! Great offer and great work guys!

  9. this is cool. I want this one. @insic

  10. win win

  11. ‘d be lovely to have this. *praises regarding how much i love ur blog* :p

  12. This is a winning post.

  13. Still looking for the right app, hope this is it!

  14. Great!! I will be happy if I’m one of the winners! 😛

  15. Amazing! Will be of great use to me!

  16. I can make my time precious with this I

  17. Seems to me like a great app. I’d love to win.

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  19. Just trying my luck 😉

  20. Coolness. I’m in.

  21. I never win anything on comment&win game but … maybe this time …

  22. This looks amazing; Also, finally some good invoicing software for us PC users 🙂

    Why do the Apple kids get all the fun? 🙂

  23. […] Comment and Win: Giving Away 2 Free Licences of Fanurio | The Design Superhero Great giveaway! Funurio license! […]

  24. It seems to me very well

  25. looks like a great product!!! this could alleviate a lot of stress for many freelancers!!!

  26. This would definately come in handy.

  27. Great idea and great software!!

    I’m here!!
    By and thanks for became fans of my page!

  28. oooh! Here’s my comment:

    oooh bop do do do do do do do do fa fa fa fa fashion!

  29. amazing product.

  30. I’m not sure how much useful it will be for me.. but here is a comment 😛

  31. ranishchiaryil

    good chance to win……….

  32. Oh wow, this program looks awesome! I’m a freelancer myself and this looks like it should definitely increase my productivity and allow me to take on more simultaneous projects.

  33. Closing comments…

    Thanks for the participation.. Best of luck!