2010 is here, so is The *new* Design Superhero!

December 30th, 2009 by Aravind Ajith

A New Year is always a good reason to begin something new or to improvise the existing one. In this New Year, I am extremely happy to introduce to you the whole new ‘The Design Superhero’!.

I hope all of you are having a great holiday season. For me, the holidays are busier than ever! However, I am very much excited today.

It’s been many months since I have been planning for a redesign. At last here it is. As usual, I still have a lot more ideas and modifications to be incorporated in the site.

How the website is ‘the Whole New’?

  • Brand new design; 99% texturified!
  • Designed using 960.gs and built using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • More focus on the content and readability. Less distractions
  • Added new pages and some subpages including a new About page, Service Offering page and a Portfolio(Still incomplete)
  • More frequent updates, more freebies (future plans!)

What is so exciting about it?

I left my full-time job last month and moved back to my home town to work independently. Yes, it is exciting for me. I have always had this dream of working independently. Now I have no boss to report to! yay!  😀

Well, now on TDS is not only a design blog, but my portfolio website too. (Actually when I had started TDS in late 2007, it was my portfolio, not a blog). I am going to use TDS to promote my services as well.

Services? What are they?

Right from Project planning to Marketing, I provide services as a solution to anything and everything in a web development project. Please check my services page for more details. Nowadays I am more concentrating in WordPress projects. Are you looking for a WordPress Designer cum Developer? I am your man, contact me…  🙂

The Year 2010

I am really looking forward to this year. This redesigning and moving to freelancing were two of my New Year resolutions for 2009 and I am glad I could achieve them. If you have never tried making one, get a resolution list for this year and stick to it. It really works.

I wish you all a Very Happy and Productive New year

What do you think about the new design? How do you rate it? Please comment on this post and let me know. Your thoughts and suggestions are very valuable to me.

  • Loving the new design, but i would look at the readability issues on the right hand side. I didn’t realise there was even text there at first.

    • Thanks for the comment Alan. I was actually trying to get visitors’ whole attention to the content by ‘dimming out’ the side bar. Actually yeah, it has to be more visible. Fixed it! 🙂

      • Excellent changes Aravind, the changes look great.

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  • MK

    Arvind, Good job mate. i see a lot of influence in colours from Twitter, and I quite really like it. Got that yummy ice cream mint flavour to it.
    I know you always try the new stuff and it reflects very well, being your portfolio it ought to be here, if not anywhere else. However like Alan said the right hand sidebar got a bit too “dimmed out” that the text wasn’t really recognizeable. But I guess those were a part of your efforts in putting the focus on the content.

    Glad to see the change, Im sure youd improve on it. Looking forward to it.

    Cheers !

    • Thank you Mani, I am glad you liked the new design. side bar -> fixed! 🙂

  • Loving the prominent header. Nice, unique design.

    Would love to see better contrast on this site though. Dark backgrounds looks nice but text can be lighter to make it readable.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Bhavesh.. I have made the text lighter.. 🙂

  • A really amazing design, i love the new header

  • The new look is fabulous Aravind. Happy new year to you and all the very best for 2010..

  • Great redesign buddy! I heart dark designs. 🙂

  • Great design! Loving the colour contrast and layout. I like the attention paid to the details. Will definitely be looking forward to that “site footer”.

    • I am glad you liked the design. I really had no patience to wait till the design of the footer gets finished. So I decided to launch the site with out a footer. Still I am confused about it, what to include, what not to include! Got any suggestions?

  • I like the new design, especially the colors, great work. I like how you designed post end – related posts on slightly darker blue. I’d just make even more contrast in sidebar. There is also an effect on link hover in sidebar which is a bit confusing. If you hover over the one link and move to another, previous one is hovered, it might confuse.

    And yeah, looking forward to seeing the footer!

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. 🙂 The hover effect looks fine for me actually. It is just the :hover pseudo, it should not happen! I’ll check it in different browsers. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Hey aravind,

    Its great news that you have left your job and now following your passion. I can see some 3 idiots effect.

    Best of luck for the coming new year.

    • Haha.. yes ‘3 idiots’ is one of the best movie released in 2009, no doubt. But the thing is, I was always following my heart only, my passion only.

      Off the topic, Still I wanted to mention this – In India, parents still want their children to be Engineer or Doctors. I happened to meet a father from my area who’s son is studying in his 9th grade. The boy has started going for a coaching class for IIT entrance since his 8th grade! And the proud father was explaining me how hard the subjects are, how much money he is spending for that and all the crap. I was really feeling pity on him and his son. I asked him about the branch his son going to choose in Engineering. The reply was typical, ‘we will choose it based on the trend!’. It’s just all about money, precisely the ‘Salary’!

      I am graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Yes of course, it was under pressure. But I knew that it was not my ‘thing’. So I went into designing, following my heart. My parents and relatives were so upset about that. They thought I was ruining my career but not choosing engineering as my career.

      Now when I look back, I’m just happy that I did not listen to my parents. I make more money that I could ever make as an engineer. I am so happy with my life that I would never be if I had chosen the Engineering field.

      Just follow your passion, not your parents’

      • About the design, overall it is awesome. Got a unique look and feel rich colors and graphics. Also I like the concept of hiding meta info and showing only when needed – It makes site more clean.
        And it will be nice if the comment text area is little more big. So small for long reactions !! 😉

        And about your attitude towards the career. I too support it. I love to do what my heart tells me to do.. Whether the output is favorable or not, And I don’t want to blame someone else even if I go wrong. It is always a pleasure being “Ben Jacob”

        My dad was little different from everyone else I saw, The only freedom he gave me was to “take my own decisions”
        I’ve just started… I make mistakes, sometimes dad scolds me but never depreciated me..

        After completing my 10+2 am waiting for my second chance to NID now.. Failed for the first. I’m sure no other fathers (friend’s) around me will never allow them to be at home for an extra year looking for a possible chance of getting admitted in a dream position. 😀

        • You are very lucky man! I wish all the luck for your future. I really wanted to join in some design or mass communication related course. But I couldn’t!

          Know what, after seeing my success, even my parents changed their mind. They let my sister to join her favorite course – Fashion Designing. I am really happy for her. At lease she is doing what she really wanted to do. 🙂

      • Indeed, 3 idiots is the movie of the year.
        And aravind, you rightly said – Just follow your passion, not your parents.

        I am a software engineer, but it was all cause of my destiny. And my parents choosed that destiny for me. hehe. No one asked me what I want to become.

        And ben, best of luck with your future.

      • i showed this comment to my mom… 😉 anyway i still love engineering 🙂 but 3 idiots is something wht i live by daily 🙂

        • haha.. 🙂
          I did not say Engineering is bad. There are ‘Amir Khans’ who are passionate about engineering who are supposed to be real engineers.

          They should join engineering, not the ‘Madhavans’ who want to become a wild life photographer! 😛

  • Aravind , Rock on ! Follow your heart and you will succeed bro ! I did this 3 years ago and no regrets yet ! Wud be glad to be of help in any way .

    This is good and I wish more Indians did this !

    • Thanks a lot for the support bro. Just remember this for your kids.. 😉 Let them choose their own destiny!

  • Cheers!

    Exactly my stand and what I’m doing. I’m following my heart. I trust my intuition.

    And Ben, seems like it’s not only us, but our parents are like-minded too 🙂

    • Aravind and Ben, You both are lucky! Even though my parents changed their mind, there are still many of my relatives and family friends who are still worried about my ‘future’!

  • Just stumbled across you blog, and glad I did. Fantastic Design! Bookmarked 🙂

    Good luck with 2010 Aravind 🙂

  • Unique and beautiful… Very well designed stuff again Aravind! The read-more link and those normal text links inside the posts looks more like a disabled link or dead link. Adding some simple hover effect can do the trick.


  • I think its a great improvement. Well done on the new design 🙂

  • promotional printing

    Great work I really like the header design. I think the footer could be more interesting though.

    Keep it up!

  • The New Design is really really awesome, 5/5. um lovin’ the Post Footer, Author Bio, Comments, Header and almost everything!
    Great usability. Though, There could be something more on footer eh ? 😛

    Anyways, great stuff. Congrats and Wish you an awesome 2010!

  • Next Day Flyers

    I’m a little late here with my comment, but the new look is great.

  • very nice article about new designs

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  • Very nice design.This is the first time i am visiting your site.looks great

  • I’m a little late here with my comment, but the new look is great.

  • Just found your link on Reencoded, and your site is sexy sexy sexy! Loving the header so much, well done dude!

  • Jitendra

    i am too late for comments…anyway
    i love this design very beautiful ..

  • Ren

    Lovely website! I am digging the color schemes. Keep up the good work, mate! ^^

  • Chidambaram

    Website is looking good and crisp.

  • Prasad

    Hey best luck Aravind.. for your New year resolution.. 😉
    & I’m sure you’ll have Very Happy and Productive New year..!

  • Jordan SUCCAR

    Hey !

    just love your logo and website design. The colours are just perfect!

    Concerning your logo, may I ask you what is your font ? Have you made it yourself ?