Featuring Kuttu and Chinnu: 30+ Free Awesome Wallpapers, Screen savers and cursors by Anoop P.C.

December 28th, 2008 by Aravind Ajith

Featuring a design superhero – Anoop P.C., a 2D artist based on Bangalore. His own characters Kuttu and Chinnu are already popular among deviant art users. Here we have 30+ wallpapers and 2 screen savers filled with Kuttu’s and Chinnu’s pranks, innocence, friendship, love, games that they share. By looking at them you’ll definitely remember your childhood friend or teenage love. The sweet little characters already been featured in many websites and even worked close with Samsung for an ad campaign recently!

Coming back to Anoop, he is basically an illustrator graduated in Fine Arts. He is working with IDG media pvt ltd (bangalore) as an illustrator for some popular magazines like PC WORLD, CIO, WINDOWS WORLD & CHANNEL WORLD. He does 2d animation as well.

Do not forget to checkout Crazy Scribbles, his flash website where you can download the latest freebies and here you can checkout some of his recent works


Sun signs Series

Animated Screen Savers


…and a cute desktop clock

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