Top 5 Mac Hacks You Never Knew About

December 18th, 2008 by Aravind Ajith

This is a guest article written by Emma Best from, laptopical is a great resource for those looking for reviews on new laptop computers and laptop related news.

Macs are branded as simple, out of the box convenient machines, and they are, but it only takes a little knowhow to make them even more convenient. If you use a Mac every day chances are you may have a few favorite hacks already, but you probably don’t know every one. The following are all relatively simple ways that, with just a few clicks or a little tweaking, can help you to get the most out of your Mac experience.

5. Keep That Tiger Look In Leopard

If you miss the way things used to be, worry not, there are people out there who have developed hacks so that you can do things like turn that menubar opaque again (OpaqueMenuBar download) , revert the Dock to 2d (DockDoctor download), and more. Wired has a manual way to alter the dock to 2d if you like to play with the terminal, along with a few other tips.

4. Move Time Machine

If you’ve ever been annoyed by accidentally clicking Time Machine in your dock, but like the functionality too much to remove it entirely, then just move it to the finder! It’s really simple, just drag and drop from the Applications folder. See here for a screenshot.

3. Slim Down That Power Cord

MacBooks come with fairly bulky power cords, but there is a way around it, and it’s simpler than you may have thought. Just unplug the Mac power cord and plug in something smaller. Read here for an account of someone using a PlayStation cord to do the trick. Warning – this hack is at your own risk.

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts out there for Macs, but here are a few favorites. Cmd+Shft+4 will draw a screenshot box on your screen, enabling you to capture exactly what you want. Pressing Cmd+H will hide your current window without closing it. Holding CTRL while brushing the trackpad upwards or downwards will zoom in or out on your screen. Use and enjoy!

1. Use Leopard On a Non-Mac

Heard of the Hackintosh? There are tons of examples of users hacking Leopard to work on various PCs. Often these take a little work, but if you have the drive and the time, then take a look at examples of a Hackintosh built from scratch, or hacked netbooks like the Dell Mini 9, MSI Wind, or the Eee PC.