8 Javascript/CSS compressor tools to boost your page load speed

March 9th, 2011 by Brian Flores

In this era of Google Instant, fast page load speeds are as crucial to getting your website noticed as having the hottest SEO.  Nobody is going to wait around for your slow-loading page to show up, which means it is up to you to optimize your page load speeds. Luckily, there are several websites and tools that help you compress your CSS and Javascript files so that you can experience much faster page load times.  The tools work by eliminating redundant or poorly written code, thereby minimizing the total size of your page while retaining the essential functionality.

Here is a list of the best tools we’ve found that will help you trim your digital waistline.

1. Site Load Test

All you have to do is plug and play—or at least, type in your URL and watch how quickly everything loads.  This is a great testing tool for those who want to see how their pages are performing, or for those who have already optimized their pages and want to see where they can trim some more fat.

2. Squishit

You get two for the price of one with Squishit by “bundling” your CSS and Javascript code into one file.

3. Packer

Perfect for Javascript coders who want to eradicate any excess, Packer automatically creates a compressed version of your code.  Just paste in the code and hit the ‘Pack’ button.

4. Minify

Use this tool to turn your CSS and Javascript files into caches. By minimizing the files, Minify makes page load times virtually instant.

5. JS Min

While commentary is great when you’re coding, it is pretty useless once your page is up and ready for display.  This tool gets rid of non-functional white space and commentary without altering the actions of your code.

6. JS Compressor

Every character counts in the race for speed.  The JS Compressor knocks out line characters, random white patches and frivolous comments to create the leanest, meanest version of your source code.

7. Google Closure Compiler

The difference between competent code and high-performance code often comes down to how clean and compact it is.  This tool corrects a range of common coding errors while creating the most efficient rendition of your Javascript code.

8. YUI Compressor

Speed meets quality.  This tool is considered to be one of the finest and fastest code compressors available.  It also comes with a guarantee of safety.